Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pathetic Posing...

Arnold Schwarzenegger would NOT be proud!

I think next time I'll have to put a mirror behind Donna so I can see how stupid I look I try to correct it! If possible.
Better pics at Christmas!

A Work-Out...

Here are some pics of some of the exercises I do.

Incline Close-Grip Bench Press:

Incline Dumbbell Flyes:


Front Raise:

Lat Pulldowns:
Seated Rows:


Tricep Cable Press:


That's a pretty typical upper-body workout. I left out a few of the exercises...boring! :-)

Week 12 Weigh-In

Okay, here's the numbers from the week 12 weigh-in. Not what I wanted 12 weeks ago, but not bad either. I'll keep plugging along!

Weight: 215
Body Fat Percentage: 16
Chest: 42.5
Waist: 36.5
Hips: 42
Thigh: 25.5
Calf: 16.25
Upper Arm: 16.5
Forearm: 12.5


So, another 4 off of the Body Fat Percentage and I should be pretty close to where I want to be.
I'll post some work out photos next!
Onward to Christmas...and a six-pack...or something.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not looking so good

Well, my goal seems to be a little out of reach.

I've been sick all weekend long and didn't get to do my December 6th measuring yet. I did weigh in at 215 though. So, a total of 5 lbs lost.

The six-pack is still illusive. It's trying to pop out, but not quite there. December 25th is coming too fast and I'm starting to wonder if I can make it!

Pushing myself too hard has proven to not be very good for my immune system. I've been sick twice within two weeks! So, I'm taking it easy for a few days to hopefully get rid of all the germs.

I still have just under three weeks to go. I guess we'll see what I'm capable of in that amount of time!

Thanks for the support!

Monday, December 1, 2008

5 days left!

Well, I only have 5 days left before 12 weeks is over.
Unfortunately, Thanksgiving put a little dent in things. I've also been a little lax in my routine the past couple weeks. Shame on me!
I guess we'll just have to see what my measurements look like this weekend and keep plugging along for another 3 weeks.
Christmas is coming soon....I sure hope that six-pack is too!